Casting Systems


The casting system has been designed to achieve capital catches in spin fishing.

Unlike the trolling system, the casting system does not require boat speed. The optimum lure play is achieved by hand retrieving from the bank or jetty.

Our casting systems are ideally suited for natural baitfish, rubber baits or other spinning lures.

The depth of the casting system is variable and can be adjusted individually by attaching the appropriate lead in front of the system.

The running behaviour of the casting system then changes depending on the current, the shape of the bait, the spinning stops, the duration of the sink or the retrieve speed.

By bending the shield and the wire with the hooks, optimum lure play can be achieved.

The bigger the casting system, the stronger the rod needs to be.

Here in our online shop we only offer fishing systems with original Owner ST-36 fish hooks. The treble hooks are made of a strong wire so that they can withstand the drill with the strongest predatory fish and the predatory fish can be safely drilled out and landed.

Application area

First, measure the position of the locking hook to the insertion point of the locking wire. Place the locking wire at this point and push it through the middle of the lure’s body so that the wire comes out at the head end. Then you pierce the fixing pins into the lure and finally hook the locking hook.

Pro Tip:

Bend the wire with the hooks so that it fits the shape of the lure.


All WIKAM systems are handmade and unique in Germany, in a small manufactory.

Each system is tested for its running characteristics and stability.

Our small team of precision mechanics consists of passionate anglers who always like to test their work themselves.

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